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7 Reasons To Choose an Airport Limo over a Ride-Sharing Service

Are you wondering about which transportation option to choose between the airport limo vs ride-sharing for groups and families? Frankly, the choice is pretty clear: an airport limo Toronto, and there are many reasons behind it. 

Travelling to the airport in a ride-sharing cab has several drawbacks. Some notable ones are inconsistent service, limited availability, safety concerns, lack of regulation, privacy issues, potential delays, etc. With so many issues, a ride-sharing taxi is definitely not the right option to reach the airport on time. 

An airport limo is the only option worth considering if you prioritize reliability, privacy, safety and customization. In this blog, you’ll learn about the top reasons to choose an airport limo over a ride-sharing service. So, let’s begin!

The top seven reasons to opt for an airport limo service over a ride-sharing service are as follows:-

1. Trustworthy and professionally trained chauffeurs

Trustworthy and professionally trained chauffeurs

Do you know how much of a rigorous training airport limo chauffeurs go through? As a matter of fact, airport limo drivers are responsible for the service they provide to the passengers, and that’s why they’re trained meticulously. 

While doing an airport transportation comparison, you should know the priorities of limo chauffeurs and ride-sharing cab drivers. Airport limo drivers have to meet the regulatory guidelines, and if they fail to do so, they might lose their driver’s license and job. Ride-sharing cab drivers don’t have to face any such consequences, and at most, they can be suspended from the ride-sharing platforms due to poor ratings. So, airport limo chauffeurs provide reliable transport and are thorough professionals. 

2. Travel solo or with your companions

Travel solo or with your companions

When you travel in a ride-sharing cab, you can’t get the peace of mind which is much needed before reaching the airport. The passengers will be entering and exiting the vehicle constantly. Due to this, your health might also get impacted as the risk of cross-contamination will increase multifold. 

You can choose a limo from the many available airport transport options. Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group, an airport limo offers a convenient option to begin or end your journey. There’s plenty of legroom and ample space available for luggage in a limo, which you can take advantage of!

3. Superior maintenance services

Superior maintenance services

In a comparison of airport limo service vs taxi, you need to know about the maintenance services of both these options. 

It is compulsory to disinfect and do maintenance of the Toronto airport limo before the next ride. Whereas ridesharing cab drivers do not have the time to clean their vehicles and neither have any such obligation. 

4. A lot better privacy options

A lot better privacy options

One of the biggest benefits of airport limo service vs ride-sharing for airport transfers is the privacy it offers. When you book a limo, you aren’t sharing the limo with strangers like you would in a ride-sharing taxi. Instead, you have the whole vehicle to yourself and your companions. With such amazing privacy available, you can make important calls and even unwind after a long flight. 

Furthermore, there are many privacy options available in the limo:-

  • Tinted windows

  • Soundproofing

  • Privacy partitions

  • Drivers that respect your privacy

5. Have cost-effective airport limo packages

Are you one of those people who thinks that airport limos are out of their budget? If yes, you would be surprised to know that airport limo packages are quite cost-effective. 

When analyzing ride-sharing vs limo for airport transfers, you’ll find that ride-sharing options might beat limos when going for a short distance. However, a Toronto airport taxi might provide a better value for money if you factor in all the passengers and the total length of the trip. 

6. Safest possible travel to the airport

Safest possible travel to the airport

While considering limo vs Uber/Lyft for Airport rides, safety can’t be neglected. Although ride-sharing cab drivers have more rides as compared to limos but they aren’t known for providing safe travel. 

Whereas the airport limo chauffeurs undergo several background checks and continuous safety training. Along with this, the limos are regularly inspected, and the safety issues discovered in the inspection are fixed immediately. 

7. Customization options available 

Customization options available 

The level of customization you can get in an airport limo is unmatchable with that of a ride-sharing cab. On the other hand, there isn’t any personalization available in a ride-sharing taxi. 

You can have a personalized experience in the limo by having the following luxuries:-

Final Words

When you have to choose an option for your airport transportation, a limo emerges as the clear winner if compared with ride-sharing cabs. Airport limos might seem expensive at first glance, whereas ride-sharing taxis may seem convenient, but the reality is quite different. There are many drawbacks of ride-sharing services and many benefits of airport limos. So, opt for a high-end limo for travelling to or from the airport the next time. 

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