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Top 7 Destinations in Toronto to Visit with a Limo

Toronto is the biggest tourist destination in Canada. Its world-class attractions make it one of the premier attractions in North America. 

The city has so many prominent destinations. There are many iconic landmarks and hidden gems you can explore in Toronto. If you are seeking fun, make sure you travel in a Toronto nightlife party limo bus. 

Whether you are a local or a tourist, there are plenty of places to explore in Toronto. In our blog, you’ll get to learn about the top ones among them. So, let’s begin!

Seven Places to Visit in Toronto By Limo Are As Follows:-

1. Have a Niagara Falls, Toronto Limo Tour

Have a Niagara Falls, Toronto Limo Tour

Do you want to see the most beautiful natural border between two countries? You must see Niagara Falls then, which also serves as the international border between Canada and The United States. 

Couples, families, and groups visit here to witness the magnificence of one of the biggest waterfalls in the world. In fact, there are many romantic Toronto limo tours for couples available that you can book from the city to the Falls. 

This natural wonder might not be part of the usual Toronto attractions but it’s definitely one of the topmost attractions in North America. So, choose one of the finest Toronto limo tours to visit the Niagara Falls to experience its grandeur. 

2. Visit The Art Gallery of Ontario in a Toronto Sightseeing Limo

Visit The Art Gallery of Ontario in a Toronto Sightseeing Limo

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas(French impressionist artist) is absolutely right, and his quote has dual meanings. One meaning is related to the field of art, and the other one is to take your whole group to see how beautiful art pieces can be! 

The finest place you can witness the gracefulness of art is the Art Gallery of Ontario. You can explore the works of famous artists here. Some examples of those artists are Van Gogh and Yayoi Kusama. There are many Toronto group tours by limo available in the metropolis which you can choose from to visit the AGO. 

3. Explore The Hockey Hall of Fame in a Toronto Luxury Transportation

Visit The Art Gallery of Ontario in a Toronto Sightseeing Limo

There are many reasons that make Toronto the ice hockey capital of the world! In fact, the hockey culture is deeply embedded in the city’s identity. 

To know about the impact of hockey on the whole country, visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame is essential. You can even witness the regular exhibits here, along with playing hockey simulation games and buying hockey equipment as well. 

Don’t forget to have a Toronto luxury travel option to travel to this iconic location. It will add a special touch to your Hockey Hall of Fame experience. 

4. Experience the Toronto Distillery District Limo Tour

Experience the Toronto Distillery District Limo Tour

If there’s one place in Toronto where you can see the historic architecture, the city’s culture, and the distillery heritage, then that’s the Distillery District. The best part is that you can be a part of wine tours in this iconic district. 

One thing which you will definitely notice here is that you will get transportated to a different era. To have a perfect blend of past and present, have one of the premium Toronto limo tours for the Distillery District. We guarantee you’ll get to have a gala time here. 

Pro Tip: Get the services of a Toronto travel guide to learn about the historical background of this district. 

5. Pay a Visit To High Park in a Toronto Sightseeing Limo

Pay a Visit To High Park in a Toronto Sightseeing Limo

You must be wondering why a park is listed amidst all the stunning destinations you’ve read about so far. But you need to know that spending time in nature has become a luxury in itself. 

So, visiting this largest public park is necessary if you want to know how Toronto has balanced the material aspects without damaging the environment. 

In case you are planning to drop by here for a birthday party or picnic, book a special occasion limo service in Toronto. 

You can do the following activities here:-

  • Hiking

  • Visiting the lakefront

  • Exploring the zoo

  • Playing sports

6. See The Beauty of Nathan Phillips Square

See The Beauty of Nathan Phillips Square

Who needs to visit New York to see Times Square when we have our very own Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto? It would not be an understatement to say that this square is the heart of the megalopolis. 

This place is perfect for those who want to click Insta-worthy pics with their companions while having a Toronto luxury transportation limo in the background. 

Don’t forget to do the following activities here:-

  • Stroll on the elevated walkway.

  • Experience the tranquillity of the Peace Garden. 

  • Watching the reflecting pool if you visit in the summer while skating on the rink if you happen to drop by here in the winter. 

Did You Know?

This square is named after Nathan Philips, the first Jewish mayor of Toronto who served from 1955 to 1962. 

7. Have a Toronto Airport Limo To CN Tower

Have a Toronto Airport Limo To CN Tower

The most defining feature of Toronto’s skyline is undoubtedly the CN Tower. It stands at 553 m and is the biggest free standalone building in the Western Hemisphere. 

The view of the metropolis from this tower is truly surreal and can’t be replicated in any other destination. You can take part in the EdgeWalk along with dining at the 360 restaurant and buy gifts from the CN Tower gift shop. 

By visiting this tower, you can claim that you’ve truly experienced the finest Toronto has to offer. Book a Toronto sightseeing limo for a memorable journey throughout. 

Final Thoughts

Toronto has abundant tourist places in and around the city that are waiting to be explored. Alongside this, there are many things to do in Toronto that cater to different individuals with distinct travel needs. 

To take your excitement to the next level, opt for a luxury travel limo in Toronto. In fact, there are many places to visit in Toronto by limo, like the CN Tower, Nathan Phillips Square, Distillery District, Niagara Falls, etc. With so many destinations to visit, your Toronto journey will definitely become an unforgettable one!

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